On a stringed instrument, the sounding point is a distinctive convergence of energy, intention and flow from bow to string.

At Sounding Point, we connect our clients with their audiences through thoughtful culture crafting and storytelling, creating meaningful connections and strengthening community to illuminate the arts.

Our Services Include:

  • Impactful grassroots campaigns
  • Engaging social media strategies
  • Compelling storytelling through video, audio and more
  • Meaningful strategic collaboration with cultural and community partners
  • Unique brand-building concepts 
  • Authentic diversity initiatives, connecting our clients to communities
  • Innovative concert programming, event production and music/art/culture curation
  • Effective public relations, communications and artist management services


Sounding Point is a boutique LA-based creative & marketing agency specializing in cultivating individualized strategies for performing and fine arts institutions.

We understand the complexities of promoting arts organizations in today's world. Our specialized team is comprised of professional performing and visual artists with practical, real world marketing experience. This unique perspective enables us to provide a fresh, nuanced and comprehensive approach to our strategies. 

Our Clients

We are proud to work with a variety of arts organizations and creative professionals who are actively making an artistic and cultural impact in our vibrant city. 


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